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Tribute to Ridu Ram ,The Mystic man ,the Seer

Posted by nirmal on February 29, 2016 at 3:55 AM Comments comments (0)
Tribute to Ridu Ram. ( Nirmal M ) Ridu ,The Seer, Psychic , Medium,Astrologer ,a humble , simple gifted ,Mystic man, lived in our neighboring village Kiara in Simla hills. Ridu was the first person who fueled my curiosity about mysteries of life . My stint with him started in my childhood days when school kids are worried about will they pass or fail the exam and would go to him to find such simple answers. In the mean time i had heard few of his predictions for one of my relative come true . One peculiar thing about his predictions was that he would talk in metaphors . Like he told my uncle's younger brother that in a particular age he would loss his right arm ( which meant he will lose his elder brother) .To one person he said, in this month knife will run on your stomach ( peit pe chura chalega ) . He was fearing that some one may attack and Pierce knife in his stomach( where as he had to undergo surgery in his stomach). He had told my this uncle that he would work in seven countries within short span of 6/7 years and there after he will change over his profession and join politics . Sure enough my uncle joined UNO and went to different countries on deputation . Deeper understanding of this prophesy seeped in ,when he died suddenly in 1988 , bringing major change in his life / profession. For me ,it wasn't that much a surprise that he would describe accurately my physical personality as its obvious for every one to see ,but i would wonder the way he would explain my inner traits . Few of the predictions he did for me are that I will marry a soldier , from very far of land( Senani / pardesi) . I will live like a renunciate after 38 years of age ( sanyasi sa jivan ) . I will possess articles of beauty and clothing . It's proof enough that I married an Army officer and that too from very far off and very different culture. ( I did Beautician course in 1989 and have knowledge and always possessed few beauty gadgets and products since then . Sewing / Dress making / making new from old has been my hobby , I have kept fashion maker sewing machine and utilized my time in creating little wonders out of clothes till the time I started giving my time and attention to conscious seeking ) In the year 1985 , before our marriage ,my husband Susnigdho ,had gone to him and tried tricks to mislead him .Ridu asked him ," what do you do? Susnigdho replied , "I am a business man ". Ridu said, you may be a business man but in your hand there are lines of Govt Service ( Raj Roti ki Rekha hai) . Later Susnigdho got convinced and listened to him patiently as he had perfectly described about his parents and siblings to the extent that one miscarriage ,an unborn male child , which no body thinks important part of family history ,was mentioned by him , two sister are alive, he had said . He also noted down on a paper few of the important past and future predictions. Most of it was accepted with an attitude like let's see but one particular prediction was laughed at by us all , he said ,"in the year 1997 you will go over seas" ( 1997 ke antim dino mei samuder par jaoge) .Those days an ordinary young army officer couldn't even imagine going over seas. Most of his predictions started coming true like our marriage in the month of February 86( Magh / Falgun , will have a boy in 88 .I was expecting a baby and we were blessed with a boy in January 88. Lo and behold , Susnigdho got deployed with IPKF and left for Srilanka in 1997 Sept end ,making this impossible forecast come true. Second child was predicted to be a boy, Rohan was born in 92. I hardly visited him there after as I started questioning, seeking deeper meaning of life in 1998 as per him I started living a hermit life . ( i had argued with him ,why would i renounce ,if i would marry ? To which his answer was,"you will live in the family but live like a sanyasi, detached one. " We were living in Thoubal near Imphal Manipur, life was very different,difficult and unpredictable due to insurgency . To my surprise , I had a brief Mystic experience in one Puja Pandal in Kolkatta . There after we were posted to Mathura ,which revived my Bhakti Yuga. Same time Reiki came as a main guiding and transforming force in my life .I started having my own inner revelations through dreams, visions and deep meditative experiences. In 2006 Nadi astrology had opened up a whole Pandora box of mysteries of my life , I wouldn't say that even half of those predictions have come true but I would agree that at that particular moment my inclination, my desires were in the direction of those predictions . Every thing can not come true as we have free will , many events are healed, released, transformed for better in the course of our life journey . Last I visited Ridu in 2009 accompanying my father , he didn't say any thing much except predicting my parents age , that my father will live till 99 years of age and my mother will die after one year of his death . I have to agree that at that time i was deeply concerned about my parents ,especially my father who was above 90 by then. This released the fear of suddenly loosing him one fine morning . He died at the age of 97 last year October. Giving me enough opportunity to do my best and accept his passing away positively . It's worthwhile to mention here that local people did not trust his talent ,though they would go to him for simple problems like sickness ,loss of things and the likes .Rich and famous and ordinary people from far off places would visit him as they might have got some right messages from him .He had no price tag and people would offer him from 5 / 10 Rs to few thousands . His son was also gifted to some extent but he died very young in his forties about ten year back . This incident made local people more suspicious and judgemental of his talents. But his son had made horoscopes of my husband's sister's daughter, everyone was intrigued by the way he had made a diagram of her brain and explained that here is some block in her mind making it unable to work efficiently, sure enough she is mentally retarded . This year 2016 January he left for heavenly abode , may his soul rest in peace . i hold him in great regard and pay my obeisance to him , for he could channel messages from my Self to me , which at that moment I was incapable to do so by myself , filling me with awe and wonder ,inspiring me to be curious and make me a seeker in my own way. PS - Do I believe in forecast and readings? Yes to some extent, because it's our higher self trying to peep in to us ,since we don't have program to read / understand/ encode the message , such devices can give us land marks, mile stone may come up in this life journey. No body can give hundred percent predictions because we are living and evolving beings and we have free will and we don't attract / align with that which we don't resonate with. So we don't have to fear negative forecast, it's a warning to create safe way from infinite possibilities lying in our path. We also can not keep waiting for prediction to come true without putting in our human efforts. So for me it's fifty fifty. ?

Why Healing Is Criticized ?

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August 20, 2011 at 11:56am

Healing is rejected by skeptics for fear of something invisible and unknown controlling their life .They are blocked or not yet evolved in the mental perception beyond material world. They are not able to perceive and comprehend energy world to be the fundamental basis of existential reality They may wonder what happens after death and why some thing turn up unceremoniously out of the blue .Their rejection is understandable giving them the dues that like innocent babies they can not understand the abstract phenomena to be the cause behind material manifested world.

Why spirituals criticize healing? These are the people who very well understand the cause of suffering is a consequence of karma. Either they think karma is a punishment or a learning tool ,they know both way it is for the individual to go through this suffering so that he becomes rich with experience and shine forth like a gold after being refined in the fire. Thus healing is criticized as unnecessary meddling in his learning a lesson from the suffering. They are right to some extent .Suffering enriches one with learning a lesson and awaken one to higher realities and true purpose of life. It means every body should be given time to go through the lesson and experience the emotion associated with it. That is why when we heal some one ,we do not expect miracle. Healer invokes and sends intension to the Higher self and the guides to take over the process of healing. Result lies in the hands of censor board of associated Higher Beings and how much access the person allows these Beings .Meaning there by how much energy he is letting filter in to his conscious awareness. How much strong barrier are built around his conscious mind?

So in a way healing is not meddling in his karma as far as his learning is concerned . Healer is only providing him the support to accelerate the process of learning and helping him become aware of the cause and learn from it to evolve further. If conscious barriers are very strong ,he may not allow the subconscious help in the form of awareness about positive healing energy to manifest in to his conscious mind .He may not evolve consciously but he has been healed. His energy bodies ,which carry the blue print of physical body are already healed. Once he relinquishes physical garb, he will be able to feel and perceive the importance of healing. He would evolve after passing over ,once his conscious mind is absolved with that of subconscious after his death. So nothing has gone waste. If a child prepares for exam ,but the topic wasn’t understood properly at that time, so he may not secure good marks but his preparation has not gone waste. His learning of the subject will help him in another class, his foundation of the subject is strengthened. It is also very important for the healer to understand that this is the basic difference between healing and treatment. Healing is curing the disease from the root ,where as treatment Is about easing his physical body .We know that there is hardly a medicine which doesn’t yield side effect yet these help us in keeping physical discomfort at bay to some extent . When that limit is also exhausted then only one will seek for some other alternative. So any body coming for healing is not coming on his own but has been sent to the healer from The Higher source. His soul has been guiding him to reach up to us .. Healer has to understand and help his client find his way Back his Home !

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Why Can't we sit for Meditation?

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Meditation is seventh stage in YOGA


In the present time people are becominare about term meditation. There may be so many definitions ,purpose of meditation . One common complaint I have heard from people is, that they cant sit in meditation .

For the convenience of understanding if we compare mediation with food . In my opinion meditation is like eating your prepared food . There are many stages before one can prepare and eat food. Like growing food/ earning money to buy it from market, knowing recipe and procuring ingredients, fuel, utensils, cleaning, cutting and then preparing it . It’s only then we can sit to eat and taste it. Same way in meditation.

In Yoga, meditation is the seventh step , before that we have to do so many other preparations with our body ,life style , food ,place, learning techniques and initiating the higher wisdom .Then only we can sit for nurturing these seeds of higher wisdom . I am not saying that we have to follow all the things at one time ,but we have to make a way for following minimum required ingredients. How can we sit when our body is pained, emotions are disturbed, mind is critical, heart is blocked with rigid ideas, have no understanding of the importance of process . In such case you need some teacher to teach you. But since life is a continuous journey through many life times, and knowledge and experiences about self doesn’t die , we start becoming aware of the above mentioned requirements . When the disciple is ready, the teacher will appear. It holds true, as we desire so we receive. Coincidences become God’s way of remaining anonymous. Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will open .

I started becoming aware of the term meditation and desiring to learn meditation before 1999. That time there were not such opportunities as are these days. But my call was answered that I heard an introductory lecture about Reiki. I decided to learn It, so that by the time I can keep myself busy before I learn meditation. Little did I know then that before sitting in meditation need to prepare my vessel. I had outdated beliefs regarding spirituality. I believed in renunciation is the only means to achieve salvation .What I have sown , I will have to cut (strong Karma philosophy).I had no idea of healing is the God’s Grace , mercy on us . that we do not have to give eye for an eye if I make amends and do something to stop this . I needed to upgrade my system with latest version (program) . This was literally shown to me in a vision where I saw a structure of a nerve cell. I dint understand its meaning that time but now I know that new nerves path ways has to be laid in my body






Types of Aura Reading

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Aura Reading

To come to the topic of Aura Reading ,first we have to come to term to accept that our body is not merely a physical structure made of blood, bones, nerves,tissues and organs encapsulated in skin .Our body is a medium ,an instrument ,a vehicle for the Universal Energy to flow though it. Visible Physical body is just the visible part of whole human body system.It is incable of functioning without the support of this Universal Energy which makes it alive and interactive . When this universal energy stops flowing through it ,the physical body become dry ,diseased and dead. Just like if our over head water tank is not connected to the main collective reserviour of Water resource , our taps will be dry and our house dirty and dull .

The best example could be a TV, or computer set. It would not be able to function to its fullest potential without being connected to Dish Antena or Internet connection respectively.Say a human energy is encapsulated in this visible body displaying universal energy through it to whichever channel it is connected. Just like a TV will relay a program to which ever it is tuned to . That does not mean that that’s the only station it can or will relay.. It has connections to many other stations provided we get interested in attuning and replaying information from those.

After coming to this term with this probability we now can proceed to know how to read/ replay the required program from our energy field. This is what calls for Reading this energy field ( Aura Reading) Now there can be many techniques, I would list few of them which are prevalent today .

We have many faculty ,you may call them power.(shakti)

1.First is physical power ..Pra Shakti .

2. Jnan Shakti…to recombine memory and to recall past idea (Intellect)mysterious link of memory

3.Ichha Shakti..the power of Will ..which makes it possible for the laying up of new nerve current in the direction of the desire .

4 Kriya Shakti.. power to execute .

5 Kundilini Shakti.. Magnetism . Electricilty.

6 Mantrika ..melody, mantra, words, sound ,chanting .

Now all these powers are hidden from naked eyes but we can feel , sense ,comprehend these powers through a person’s behave, beliefs, words and work .We have heard that many people in India specially some Tantrics ,mystics or sages had this power of reading out the persons dormant energy .

But in the present time through Media, books and through persobal experiences ,more and more people are becoming aware of such things .

1.Aura Photography -Since we are more logical and intellectual so science has also developed a technique to record this energy field of our physical body through Aura photography . Many healers, Docrors and scientists are making use of this technique to research and diagnose illness of physical body. It photographs the Energy spectrum of the client and the person qualified to read this photo will be able to read it in terms of where energy in insufficent or blocked or decongested .Its a diagnostoc tool very useful for diagnosing diseases which are still latent and measure can be taken to heal and realign the energy on the affected parts.

2.Esoteric sciences ;Numerology, Astrology, Hand reading, face reading, thumb impression , hand writing reading,these are sciences in their own field. Person trained or God Gifted one can do it.Training is required to develop any skill. There can be distinction of the specialist based on the training and skills and his innate ability. Just like every doctor will have similaries and his unique skills though may have trained in same field under same faternity.

3. Aura Reading through Clair Senses .New emerging field is clairvoyant, Clairaudient, clair sentient, clair cognisent. These are fields in which reader opens up his inner sense of seeing, hearing, sensing, understanding and gets attuned to his clients person’s energy field and give out the reading by any of his above mentioned clair gifts .

In this section I would like to add up A .Crystal Ball Gazing. B.Dowsing.

4. Channeling, Medium ship;-.Angel Reading/ Akaskik Record Reading/ Past Life Reading/ Inbetween Life Reading. Theses are few more emerging field theses days. Which are based on the principle that each human auara has energy of Angels, ( devas) fairies, elememtals,Guides with him , they are part of his energy field. When one concentrate himself by quitening his mind ,his energy beings gets connected to specific energy beings in the universal departments (dimension ) .So any thing can be revealed by them to be made visible/ audible by reader.

5. Regression basically based on hypnosis and Regression therapy but in alternative therapy it has gone much beyond that to connect person’s subconscious mind to all the above mentioned Beings and to the cocerned universal departments and the client will elicidate information from there directly seeing, feeling ,sensing .

6.Card Reading ; Tarot, Angels, Fairy card Reading . This is ancient techniques modernised now a days as the need for higher guidance is rising . Though there are professional courses available in these fiels but one can learn it as a hobby and take guidance on matter of day to day things..


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