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Mystic Healing session ..Script

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                                                                                       Mystic Healing Session

Beloved Beings of Light!

Soul Greetings !

I welcome you all to this event ‘ MYSTIC HEALING’ Session. Its my privilege, passion, profession and purpose of my life to share my heart felt knowledge and deep experiences with you .

Lets start . I begin with the prayer , and since I am connected to so many inner sources, I would like to invoke the presence of all .

“To the supreme God, Divine father divine Mother. To my spiritual teachers, to all the spiritual teachers. Holy Masters, all the great Ones. Holy Angels, Spiritual helpers, Beings of light.

To my Soul, to my Divine Self, Thank you all for the great great blessings, for illumination, Divine Oneness, Divine guidance, help, Happiness,protection , peace , prosperity and progress . In full faith thank you.

This is a prayer by Master Chokac Sui ‘ founder Master Pranic Healing. I have included this prayer in my workshops and teachings, because it addresses all Beings in the ministry of God’s assembly . I believe in taking the best from whatever sources it comes.

I commit to the will of God, I give my heart and soul to God, I deserve the best in life, I serve the best in life. I am Divine manifestation of God.

O God, make my life full of Divine inspiration , that it may become productive only of good. Free me from pettiness and narrowness, enlarge my heart and expand my mind. Keep my thought fixed on that which is vast and majestic, That I may be able to contain Thee and give myself up wholly to Thee.

What is Healing -

Healing is a God's Grace descending through Healing hands/ Healer / Facilitator/ channel ,in response to a plea sent to the Divine ,by the deserving soul to ,alleviate his suffering .

Disease means some blockage at the spiritual part due to illusion of separation from the Source of our Origin .Healing means reconnecting back to that Source . Any body intending and desiring healing is ,asking for help to find his way back our Real Home .


Why need for healing -- Healing is a by-product in achieving main goal Enlightenment.

( the purpose of incarnation on earth is to learn , integrate from all the experiences of life, to help us evolve and achieve Enlightenment ( Oneness with All That is!)

Without being fully healed ,one can not be enlightened on the purpose of life and Empowered on how to merge back ,seek union with ,our Father ,our Mighty I AM Presence, Holies of holy , The creator of All that is , The God Most High of the universe ,The Supreme Being.

So healing is this much important.

Why need for Healer / Facilitator--

Doctor stitches the wound and God heals it --is an old saying. There is only one healer and that is God/ The Creator of All That is . Any Earthly being claiming to be a healer is only a facilitator of that Universal Energy flow in to the recipient part, which has forgotten its original state of Perfection' Oneness with All That is'. (mirror is to show our image , the healer is to take you to that blocked part. ) going for healing is like going to a -Soul Spa .

The facilitator/healer has been trained ( done Sadhna) to break this thin veil of illusion of separating physical from metaphysical . His body is imbued with healing energy from the Source as he becomes a receiving channel for the healing energy to flow forth on behest of recipient ‘s request for the healing of a person or a situation, thus he is called a medium /channel /healer.

I like to give analogy of a Healer with a Bank Manager or a Sales Representative of any Company , beauty expert, chef .He knows the rules and regulations and have access to the Higher Officials of his department to present forward your case. I have also proclaimed myself representative of God’s Company , ‘CREATION’in the department of LIFE .

Fundamental of healing -- Healing is not given but taken. One has to tap in to the universal store house or become a channel to receive this Grace! Or seek for the channel /healer .

As one of the spiritual Guide Samuel says, ‘God’s love needs Recipient in order to be complete. You are held in the hands of God and totally loved, when this circuit is completed .

You can also receive these transmission any where /where ever you are ! Every day at 6am IST as we tune in to transmit mass distance Mystic Energy Healing .

How to receive Mystic Healing – This I am talking about receiving it everyday through distance healing , as one session is equal to going to a spa, or hotel for a treat . But you will have to go there as frequently as much your hunger asks you to or as much you need to beautify yourself. –This session is very powerful and brings tremendous transformation ..Yet everyone’s uniqueness .

Write your request on a page, you may mention what you are wanting to heal .It could be a physical pain, mental ailment, relationship issue or any difficult situation you or your loved one are experiencing in life. Write detail on a piece of paper to keep it with you ,till some amicable solution has been achieved

-Sit comfortably or lie down in receptive mode ,at above mentioned time . Intend ,affirm and be the recipient of the energy from the universal store house / Divine intelligence/ Supreme Being /God or what ever your perception of your spiritual connection is.

A-- Best Outcome -

1-You may write down the condition needing healing at a time till it has been healed completely or something more important issue has come up for healing.

2-Make a strong intension of not being disturbed and distracted for half an hour ,till you will be receiving healing .

3-Ask your ego not to criticize, doubt , judge or interfere in the process. You have every right to get what you want to yet be open to accept alternative outcome .Healing does not happen from our logical perspective but commences from Higher Self which knows all the causes , conditions , cures and solutions and outcome for our Higher Good.

3- Take a glass of water ,charge it with positive affirmations ( success in your venture) and drink it before sitting .Intend and affirm that this charged water is filling your aura with strong positive vibes and also absorbing like vibes during the session ,which are being transmitted to you from the Universe.


Lets start Todays, session

Few suggestions--

Do not expect anything ,if something comes up to your conscious experience just allow it and let it release.. Just be a spectator and also the character and the director .. Ask your logical mind not to criticize ,analyse ,judge the process, You may do so after the session.

Be open to the wonders of creation and the greatest gift is your body , The greatest miracle is how without opening up the body we create any illness, stones or blockages, there is no miracle in getting it released from the body , as while healing we are reconnected to our Divine source and are receiving help to release from us ,which does not serve any purpose.


Preparation – Making yourself comfortable, disconnecting from external stimuli, noice, .Tell your mind that I will not be disturbed for half an hour and will fully receive healing .

--Start— by clearing your mind from clutter and any and all form of stress, strain – by taking deep long forceful breaths. 5 You may also inhale in through nose and exhale through mouth by making a heavy ,sighing noice.

--Once you feel lighter in head focus on your breath and start by taking deep comfortable breaths , which are long, deep connected . See that your belly rises when you breath in and when you breath out it flattens .

--Break away from physical conditionings—just allow yourself to be in a beautiful place of pure light. In healing session , I call this place a natural soul spa. Create one if you do not have one.. The amazing thing about this place is that it has no limitations of place, time, shape, front back, down above. It totally works with your intension. So it’s a most beautiful place, with sun shine, comfortable temperature, birds chirping , water rushing down through spring lake, gentle breeze whistling across your body.

-- Whether you are aware or not but we have many layers of Aura( energy bodies) around and inside of our physical body, which are invisible to naked eyes. Just like we can not see our blood vessels, our bones, or organs with our naked eyes. We need some instrument to see them , x-RAY, MRI- Sonography. Etc. Same way to see feel clear and heal we need some tool in our hand ( mind) .

So breath is first powerful tool with you. Your intension is your tool . then appears third and final tool of God’s help ‘ as you know God helps those who helps themselves. So by these two tools we are asking God’s help . Which is readily available when asked with pure intent and focus . If you do not understand some words ,just surrender and allow it to happen , you don’t have to fully understand each and every word, with your acceptance and intension it is happening.

1- First layer we are clearing, cleansing ,mending, rearranging beautifying ,many layers of clothings put on our body , so this is first layer --Think as we Breath in , intend and feel ,visualize, imagine, that your breath is dusting and dirt is dusting down from your first covering of your energy body. Below your feet is a sack, a container which is attracting this dust into it self as vacuum absorbs dust with force in to it. Take 5 –times with this intension.

2-Now we are cutting and separating our aura from outside energy continuity from its surroundings.

Just as we make a wall or fence , or draw curtain while bathing in a beauty parlour. To have our privacy and to avoid intrusion from outside energy in to us. One oval shaped /egg shaped form is formed around your being.

With a powerful Crystal wand we are slicing this oval shaped form of our aura into 10 equal parts . Longitudinally slicing , absorbing , flushing – from front to back covering full range and disposing excess and waste in to the container below our feet. 10 times 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10; cut and sparate and absorb and release , dump .

3--Now all our powerful tools are coming in our hands – dragon begul , pink and violet crystal wands, shivashakti yantra, Archangel Michael’s , Durga, kali, shiva’s swords, and many other such tools which we are not consciously aware of . in fact They are there with us doing this for us. Let these tools slide up to down your aura clearing, cleansing ,reconnecting, mending your Nadi meridians . You just focus on breath and intend that I let go from my being which does not serve me any more. As we are working in a group but indivial uniquness is taken care of . Taking care that all released up energy is automatically collected in the container and it is connected to universal incinerating chamber where every thing waste and excess is transmuted to transform in to pure light once again and recycled back in the universe.

Now we are combing up our aura , with a fine crystal comb or even our fingers are so powerful crystals that we are combing our aura up and down. Taking care of each part . Starting at the right side, combing down wards, releasing in to the napsack, coming upwards as we comb our hair . 1-2-3-4-5-6. --- you may do it more time if your aura is not cleared in that much time.

4- Now a most magnetic mesh net is sent down from the universe right at the top of our head spread on whole aura . This net is sieving, sifting, burning, flushing, clearing, transmuting any and all form of incompatible, (misquilified) energy.

5- Bring your attention to soul star chakra above your crown( head)

A golden ball of energy is forming there as we focus our attention there and make intension of forming a strong connection with our soul and all our higher connections. This ball of energy starts rotating, becoming active ,and coming into its full form

5- Bring this energy down to your crown chakra-- this ball of light is clearing, cleansing, activating, healing ,charging, protecting, expanding, spreading and radiating in to Gold color.

You don’t have to know the exact positions of chakras just listen and intend at approximate position it is being done.


6- 3rd eye—throat—thymus—heart—solar—naval—sacral—root--- knee-- ankle—sole of the feet—your connection in the earth --one feet below the feet .

7- Now we are chelating the energy through your main power current – in the spinal canal ---ida ,pingla ,sushumna.

Starting at the base of the feet with your breath , you are bringing the earthly energies up through your front of body taking through chakras and meridians reaching up till the brain. Spreading it in the mind , sensitizing , awakening, rewiring and reconnecting nervous system . Bringing it down through the spinal column this golden energy filling up, spreading each and every atom of your being. 2 mts –

8—Bring your attention to your heart and see there violet light forming from pink, light of divine love, blue of divine wisdom and yellow of divine power. Transmuting and transforming all form of misquilified energy. Affirm, the energy of --- permeating every cell molecule and atoms and protons of my body, transforming my whole being in to a divine being. Be there till you feel sufficient light has spread there and on your entire being.

9- Come down to below your feet and intend that you are connecting chakras to each others, by making a double spiral –forming a continuous figure of eight criss crossing each chakra outwardly taking up till another chakra till soul star. We start --below the feet -ankle—knees—root—sacral—naval—solar—heart—thymus—throat—third eye—crown – soul stat--

9 After finishing this bring down energy through your aura forming an oval shaped Golden white light cylinder around you. know that this is semi permeable protective layers , a ring of violet, pink and yellow light .

10- feel some grid lines become active and extend to earth connecting to corresponding earth chakra on the earth .

11- its automatic energy exchange now -healing that part , that issue from your life which was earlier bereft of this connection and this energy . have healing taken and feel blessed --- Take your time to hea your issue, be there ,be open , be ready for the change of direction in life. Come out of the situation , which feels triffling your soul, binding your steps, blocking your vision. With a great big hug come out of it and put ypur hands on your eyes for few seconds. Now open your eyes.


Life is a Paradox

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Life is a Paradox

Truth is the missing piece from the puzzle of life.Each one of us has to learn to know, to understand and believe, to find our own the truth and be our own true nature. Truth has many levels, that is why life is a paradox.

The irony of life is not that it ends so soon, but we take long to understand it .Life is a mystery yet for few it is an open book. Life is a tragedy and also an object to enjoy through our senses. Life is a love and we hardly find one in reality.

Life is considered a journey, but aren’t we struck in one situation for many life times? Some with lesson on love, some with faith and hope. Instead of learning these virtues and moving on, we get caught up with the opposite vices like hate, violence, distrust.

Life is to gain knowledge, start from a scratch, learn through experiences, earn every thing .And then forget and forgo, renounce every thing. Every thing is reality at the moment that is why it is said, live in the moment as it is, and yet nothing is real in the end.

One yearns for success in every endeavors yet it is failures which teaches us the most.

Every body knows whenever you wake up it is the morning or the awakening yet we say, who knows how much time, how many births it takes to awaken.

We confess of having full faith in God, not even a leaf can fall without His Will. We don’t fully accept the statement we often repeat ‘whatever happens happens for good.’ That’s why there are long explanations and blames at some unto wards incident and

We crib and detest whatever wrong or painful is happening to us. And how much we inflate with ego on some meager achievements?

We are asked to follow good things and leave bad ones. What is good for one may be bad for another. One may be totally confused weather is there some thing good or bad in reality. What is insight? Buddhist says its all void and the journey is to reach that emptiness. Vedanta says it’s all full and we are trying to get connected to this fullness.

Life is a continuously rotating wheel, which is running mechanically, we have to surrender to the flow .We are such a tiny object, so helpless that we can hardly make a difference in the divine plan of our life, yet we have the free will to resist and exert a conscious effort to come out of this wheel .

We consider our self God spark, yet we feel so miserable, that we remain like empty receptacles, not even capable of receiving His Grace. Yet we are co creator of our own destiny, for we are part of that powerful source of origin of every thing, that we can make the power of God flow through us and begin to co create with God. Who says that we are fearful for we are weak? It is more frightening to know that our potential and powers lies within us. We are avoiding to realize our true nature because it will burden us with more responsibility. We prefer to be weak and ignorant for we have to become watchful of our wishes, lest they are fulfilled. Its easier to jump from one child hood to another and blame people and circumstances rather than grow up and take responsibility.

To the external world we are all doing the same thing but internally we are not doing the same thing at all. For some the motion of life is mechanical without any meaning attached to it, for others every motion is driven by a goal for higher purpose.

At a soul level we are all members of an extended family, every body is here for the same reason, yet every one has individual purpose. We say on soul level we are equal. But the greatest paradox is that on soul level also we are not equal. Some of us are higher in attainment of wisdom, compassion, and knowing the great importance of being true to our selves than others. Same holds true on the human level; we measure and class each other according to our place in society and how much money, qualification and intelligence we have.

When we are young, we look up to our parents with expectations, for reassurance and approval. As we grow up and become parents we have to provide the same to our children. Its irony that we can not treat our children same way as our parents preached and protected us. There is always a generation gap, time is always changing. When we are growing up, our parents are at the peak, they are evolving. With our evolution starts our parents’ dissolution .With growing up of our kids, now its time for role reversal. What was new yesterday has become old today; we have to learn from our children the same way, how we taught them. The way we pinpointed their weakness to encourage them to come out of it, now they will do the same to us. The only thing permanent in life is change. Change is the sign of progress. If we are not flexible, can not accept role reversal, we cannot progress .Without changing we can not achieve new dimension of life and living. .

Worldly intellectual people proclaim that the material possessions and achievements are what matters most, declare them insane, who are seeking spiritual connection. Spiritually wise people call this physical world as maya, the illusion and not important at all. Some call for renouncing worldly possessions and desires, others shun seeking spiritual connection as waste of time

We need to discard tunnel vision to see the contrariness in things and in ourselves .We can grow only when we replace shortsightedness with a vision that reaches out. We don’t have to level people and events. We have to accept both the tiger and lamb in us. We have to see that we are weak and strong, innocent and guilty both .We can not become self righteous moral guardian and become picky to condemn others. Enlightenment and happiness do not mean that every thing is perfect; it only means that one has learned to look beyond perfection. For there is nothing right or wrong. Only when we are at peace with the conflict inside us, we are able to love the ways the world is outside us. Buddhist mindfulness is about doing the same thing in life in a different way by becoming less mechanical and more purposeful.

But isn’t life bit of every thing? God needs people to acknowledge His presence. We need God to give meaning to our existence on earth. Atheist provides contrast background and obstacles and challenges placed by society make work of non atheist people shine forth and stand out. For without sacrificing his life by accepting crucification, could we understand the message of compassion and forgiveness of Jesus? Without Ravana’s indomitable demeanour how could we learn the message from Rama’s life?

Did Krishna only Guide Arjuna to fight the battle in Kurukshetra many centuries ago? What about us in the present time? Have we left God or He left us very far to some unforeseeable future? After a critical time every thing is drawn back to its original place. This is the cycle of creation, cycle of birth and death. . In between these two events lies action-the jest for life, our worldly dreams, joy of achievements, tragedy of failure, sacrifice of a messiah, treachery of traitor , all of this impelled by single Life Force. When we become aware of our spiritual nature, we begin to see the God light within and every thing around us .That is why, miracles do not happen in contradiction ,but in contradiction to that which is known to us in nature.

(The day I completed writing this article, I found a very simple answer for every confusion, every judgment and contradiction. Truth has many levels that is why life is a paradox. I could accept people as they are .I could also accept myself as I am . I was also trying to seek happiness by becoming perfect .Now I understood that hardest lesson of my life was to understand that happiness does not mean that every thing is perfect but to learn to look beyond imperfection and still enjoy life ).


Interior Decorator Of My Body ..Abode Of My Soul

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Interior decorator of my body the abode of my soul, this is what I call my self. I have only changed the name, intention and purpose are same as any one treading on the inward path, ‘the knowledge and experiences about self’’ ‘the spiritualist’. Some call them sadhu, Rishi, guru, pundit or devotee. What’s there in a name? Cook, tailor, barber are old names. They didn’t do their work out of choice but because there was no other way than to adopt their ancestors’ profession. Now a days, people opt for these professions with new names like fashion designer, beauty expert, chef et all. As is the saying, love your work, life is a joy, consider work as duty, you are a slave. These new professionals not only earn money, name and fame but also enjoy their work. Same is with the new age spiritualist. He does not follow traditional rituals of a particular religion. ,he is evolved head of all these and is guided , compelled by his inner self to look within , to search for answers of life and death, to know his origin, find true happiness and search for eternal truth, The God Head .

Physically beautician, dietician fashion designer is beautifying us, but each day we grow old and loose our beauty. External beauty is not permanent and is receding every day. If we become Interior decorator of self, the spiritual ones, we can beautify our body ‘mind and soul’ in increasing order. Inner experiences lead us towards permanent destination, and we can claim our status of pure conscious and become ‘The Enlightened ’

Why to become interior decorator of self. ?

Knowledge about worldly things makes us intelligent and smart but knowledge about self makes us self realized and enlightened. There are so many artifacts in the market ,so much beauty around, we can enjoy any of these only when we visit any of these personally for that moment ,but it doesn’t give us permanent joy. We are lingered with a desire to have it in our house, to possess it forever. But we may not have the knowledge and capacity to acquire it permanently. Interior decorator knows where to buy, where to fit particular artifacts to enhance the beauty of the house and of the artifacts both.

Same way when we become interior decorator of self, we know the true happiness will only emanate when we have the knowledge and means to search and decorate precious jewels hidden in our store house ‘body’. And then our way of doing any thing becomes the fashion statement, style of the time. Yoga dhyana, Sadhna, reiki are the means to make us aware of our own treasures and our own potentials to find them and place them beautifully in our own body so that we are happy ,healthy, peaceful, prosperous and progressive.

By becoming spiritual one doesn’t have to depend on others like, astrologer, vastu, fengshui expert to carry on life smoothly. All such knowledge comes naturally to us on its own. By meditating we learn to be guided, by Sadhna or practicing reiki we know to scrub the rust, clean the dirt, free our body of dust.. Our house and our treasure! we become innovative like interior decorator, wash, dust, polish, exchange worn out antiques, create or buy new ones and place them economically and aesthetically .

No knowledge is new, only the names keep changing with time and place.

Terminologies like energy, vibration, imbalance, healing, etc are all old stuff in new bottles. There is only one energy at the origin in the universe and that is love ‘God’, which gets divided into negative or positive once it descends in to physical world. Positive is godly energy in the form of health, happiness, love ,sharing . and negative is demonic like hatred, illness, anger, lust etc.

Both physical and metaphysical world are two sides of the same coin called life, which means manifestation of cosmic energy in physical form. If we can be guided in some new scientific invention or literary idea , this is the out come of contemplation and concentration of our energy in that direction . Same way we can be intuitive, imaginative, visualizing and experiencing wonders of mystic world, through our inward contemplation and meditation.

So nothing is new. The vibration of ancient mystic knowledge is in the universe in resting phase. Same way as the man remains in the spiritual world until he manifests himself again in physical form. So the abundant knowledge spread across the universe wants to be attracted and manifested in material as well as spiritual form. Any body is entitled to take his choicest pick.

Summary of my observations in past life experiences by people

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Summary of my observations in past life experiences by people

After healing and regressing many subjects here is the summary of my observation in this field. I acknowledge that I am only a medium to those Guides (higher energies) unfolding the mysteries of mystic world, to some extent by creating suitable circumstances by bringing the desired subjects to me for personal session. And guiding me to conduct the session in a manner so that varied reasons originating from their past lives affecting their present life can aid more to this information.

1 Past Life Regression Therapy provides the experiential proofs leaving no scope for argument.. Whatever experiences, knowledge, skills, conditioning, one acquires through life time to life time, all are stored up in the mind, which is relayed in subsequent life times in the form of circumstances, obstacles, skills, capabilities, tendencies. We have to understand life backward and live forward.

2 We have evolved from plants and animals to more advanced human species .Some of the subjects remember their lives as birds, animals, insects and plants .Certain feelings and traits of that life are still affecting them like injury, pain, suspicion, fear, pleasure. Dog, snake, butterfly, tiger, donkey, cow etc.

3 Devolution to animal has been reported as cruelly treating humans or animals; they are forcibly left on earthly realms and may become animals. At times one may transmigrate back to one of these lower species due to karma or for having different experiences.

4 Kings, queens, saints, famous personalities from history are amongst us today. Unbelievable fact for them even, as they are not remotely aware of their that reality .Surprised and bewildered that how is it possible that today they are normal human beings deeply entangled in mundane physical realities. Proving this fallacy wrong that once some one renounces the world, devote whole life in God’s name and meditate in secluded place, he achieves salvation, never to be born in human form again. Shaking the very foundation of their belief of existential reality.

5 Angels, Guides, Higher souls have been whispering secret knowledge into meditative person’s ear attuning in for such knowledge. Some remember being worshipped like deities and giving blessings and fulfilling many wishes of their devotees. Certifying this belief that even Devtas have to come down to earth once their good karma’s are exhausted

6 Guides, Divine Beings, Higher Energies can be accessed in that focused concentration, trance, altered state of consciousness either through meditation or regression.

Why these heavenly entities can not bring any miraculous transformation in the subject? Because he is working on his karma or learning lesson from the situation at hand. Gurus or Guides can motivate us, show us the path, increase our understanding of life and death and spiritual plane, teach us the techniques, they can point out the door but it is we who must go through the door

.Also there are spirits of many levels on that plane.

A Lower level spirit may be attracted to a person with lack of proper spiritual development, giving misleading messages.

B Spirits of higher level are accessible only to people with higher level of development and without ulterior motive for self gain at the expense of others.

6 Higher dimensions, in between life existence has been experienced by many who either went directly to those realms after the death in the past life experience and met their guides ,whom they may not even be familiar in this life . Some subjects healed for chronic or fatal ailments by healer have also viewed being healed in higher dimension simultaneously.


Summary of My observations in influences of negative energy

My own observation and experiences in healing has revealed to me influences of negative energy and successful healing.

Subtle negative energies are thicker in density just like a grease layer. Godly energies are lighter in density and higher frequencies like a highly fragrant perfume which is lighter and more valuable yet unable to penetrate thicker layers and ineffective in the presence of thicker density grease or negative energies

1 Psychiatric illnesses depression, schizophrenia, hysteria, fits, suicidal and criminal tendencies, addiction are the out come of spirit possession, psychic attack, black magic, etc as a result of attuning in to negative energies by the weak, pessimistic and karmically influenced person . Strong negative souls or ghosts are possessing weak, depressed, pessimistic or unconscious people. Excessive fear, psychiatric disorder, suicidal tendency, rape, murder, addiction and even accidents are ghastly deeds , outcome of influence on victims by such spirits to satisfy their desires physically.

2 .Black Magic affects, Psychic attack, evil eye not only of this life even from past lives are very detrimental. This is not their mental projection or imaginations as one may like to believe it. One may believe in such outdated, orthodox phenomenon or not but one can see mental, emotional problems originating under such influences leading even to physical illness, accidents and even death. Black magic works done on few in their past lives have been reported to be influencing their present lives. Victims with these negative effects from past lives may be falling in the clutches of such circumstances in this life too

3 Destiny, planetary effects or karma are influences beyond Physical World, a whole range of subtle, supernatural, mystique phenomena, not accessible by conscious mind and not visible to naked eye. These are imprinted in invisible layers of subconscious mind . Life is a journey, death a small halt .The type of journey one is leading while alive, he will arrive at a relative halt. This highlight the importance of performing good deeds and meditation to increase awareness so that one can ascend to higher realms ,higher destination and from this destination the journey of next life will start.

4 Wandering souls are like parasites or invisible, unwanted guests on earth. Ignorance, revenge, unfulfilled desires or excessive attachment hold them back. Because after life one reaches where his awareness takes him. Some have experienced becoming wandering souls due to infatuation. or ignorance .When finally they were released and went up to meet their Guides in the spiritual world , their guides were angry with them for remaining in the earthly realms for so long as it is considered a waste of time to remain attached to material plane after our physical body is no longer in existence.

B By remaining attached to the living body and instigating others to end life by committing suicide at times, once they had died .And in another life they had to end up taking their own life by committing suicide. Such souls are under the influence of negative souls and can not transcend higher realms due to their heaviness .thus their healing doesn’t happen and are forced to remain as wandering souls for a longer time until some help in the form of awakening happens.

5 Some strong intellectual personalities feel living independent existence and don’t feel connection to higher self . They may completely reject Godly existence and try to control everything in life and are highly competitive and tense .They can not accept failures and may blame others for their life .Still the help is provided to them but they lack the wisdom of seeking that opportunity, they are always drawn to the opposite and harmful influences.

Weaker people may fear God, for them God may be very high in the sky, difficult to transcend him due to thick permeable layer of negative energy, even their prayer don’t help, just like spraying fragrant perfume may not be able to hide the more foul smell .



We must delve deeply in to the root cause of all the problems.

My work is only a small contribution to emphasize the need to satisfy our intellectual mind by verifying spirituality through the eyes of science and try to awaken one to transform life and seek reconnection back by healing illusions of separation from the source of our origin (higher spiritual world)

1 The responsibility has fallen on all of us, who know that soul and metaphysical world is not the after effect but prior to material world. Doctors are efficiently proving the cause of the disease by assigning the responsibility to bacteria, virus, genes, DNA and all. Everything is not cured by medicine, because these organisms are proved only after techniques were developed by intellectual mind to prove disease .Thus we have to prove to make it acceptable to lay people that all the diseases are not caused by organisms or genes; there is always scope for some more insight which is awareness about the mystic world influences ..

7 Our job is more serious and tricky as we are experiencing life on earth as physical beings and we all are under the influence of natural laws, which means we are least conscious of the non physical or spiritual world and we depend more on physical senses and intellectual faculty of mind which works mechanically. It requires conscious effort to break free from this law. Just like taking measures to stop population explosion ,spreading literacy, equal rights etc by making different laws to exercise outer discipline in people. This is opposite approach ,trying to cure the problem from the surface. Right approach would be adopting prevention measures to make one responsible by developing Internal discipline.

2 Life is multifaceted and we must learn all aspects of it to have a fulfilling experience. Computer is compared to mind in its working but it lacks consciousness. Mind’s higher faculty is akin to internet connection. .Mind’s Intellectual faculty ( lower )is enriched by literary education. Intuitive faculty of our mind’s enhance higher wisdom through its connectedness to universal computer that is Akashik Record. Without witch we are like a computer box minus internet connection or a TV without cable connection .

4 We must learn to take responsibility , then only we can become the part in the problem solving process. right now we are assigning blame outward than inward and that is why

inspite of wondrous scientific inventions and material revolution, people are more confused, stressed, dissatisfied. They fall victims to competition, rate race and feel frustrated, depressed lonely and lost .That is why there is so much intolerance, divorce, dowry deaths, murders and crimes that judiciary finds it difficult to impart satisfactory and timely justice .And most important is the mental sickness and suicide, where we can’t even blame others for the victim’s deeds.

5 Birth and death, physical and metaphysical are two side of the same coin life, through the breath we are connected to this body .We die every day when we sleep and go to astral plan and sometimes remember mysterious world in dreams. It is like every day we go home from this earthly school and sometimes remember what we did there. Isn’t it the universal truth that everybody born must die in order to be born again to start journey of life afresh from where one had left it. Literary education teaches us the art of living but why we hesitate to learn the art of dying?

6 Religion is segregated to be the work for few who should retire to monasteries or jungles to seek spirituality. Or people who are blocked in their perceptions and observe strict rituals and recite scriptural verses monotonously to please their God. They are ready to kill or die for their religion. They think their own religious philosophy is the only truth. Fanatics are like virus in the computer.. Rest of the people don’t have much time to do anything with spirituality. Thus general people are devoid of this inherent knowledge of our soul connection .

7 Purpose of life is not to simply worship Jesus, Krishna, Budha, Mohammad but become one like them. We are living a mechanical life , we have to exert conscious effort to invert the flow of life force inwards towards our source that is what is meant in esoteric terms by Radha, opposite of Dhara. .We have to learn to become channel, vessel or representative of that higher power flowing through us sooner or later






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