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Types of Aura Reading

Posted by nirmal on August 12, 2012 at 1:45 AM



Aura Reading

To come to the topic of Aura Reading ,first we have to come to term to accept that our body is not merely a physical structure made of blood, bones, nerves,tissues and organs encapsulated in skin .Our body is a medium ,an instrument ,a vehicle for the Universal Energy to flow though it. Visible Physical body is just the visible part of whole human body system.It is incable of functioning without the support of this Universal Energy which makes it alive and interactive . When this universal energy stops flowing through it ,the physical body become dry ,diseased and dead. Just like if our over head water tank is not connected to the main collective reserviour of Water resource , our taps will be dry and our house dirty and dull .

The best example could be a TV, or computer set. It would not be able to function to its fullest potential without being connected to Dish Antena or Internet connection respectively.Say a human energy is encapsulated in this visible body displaying universal energy through it to whichever channel it is connected. Just like a TV will relay a program to which ever it is tuned to . That does not mean that that’s the only station it can or will relay.. It has connections to many other stations provided we get interested in attuning and replaying information from those.

After coming to this term with this probability we now can proceed to know how to read/ replay the required program from our energy field. This is what calls for Reading this energy field ( Aura Reading) Now there can be many techniques, I would list few of them which are prevalent today .

We have many faculty ,you may call them power.(shakti)

1.First is physical power ..Pra Shakti .

2. Jnan Shakti…to recombine memory and to recall past idea (Intellect)mysterious link of memory

3.Ichha Shakti..the power of Will ..which makes it possible for the laying up of new nerve current in the direction of the desire .

4 Kriya Shakti.. power to execute .

5 Kundilini Shakti.. Magnetism . Electricilty.

6 Mantrika ..melody, mantra, words, sound ,chanting .

Now all these powers are hidden from naked eyes but we can feel , sense ,comprehend these powers through a person’s behave, beliefs, words and work .We have heard that many people in India specially some Tantrics ,mystics or sages had this power of reading out the persons dormant energy .

But in the present time through Media, books and through persobal experiences ,more and more people are becoming aware of such things .

1.Aura Photography -Since we are more logical and intellectual so science has also developed a technique to record this energy field of our physical body through Aura photography . Many healers, Docrors and scientists are making use of this technique to research and diagnose illness of physical body. It photographs the Energy spectrum of the client and the person qualified to read this photo will be able to read it in terms of where energy in insufficent or blocked or decongested .Its a diagnostoc tool very useful for diagnosing diseases which are still latent and measure can be taken to heal and realign the energy on the affected parts.

2.Esoteric sciences ;Numerology, Astrology, Hand reading, face reading, thumb impression , hand writing reading,these are sciences in their own field. Person trained or God Gifted one can do it.Training is required to develop any skill. There can be distinction of the specialist based on the training and skills and his innate ability. Just like every doctor will have similaries and his unique skills though may have trained in same field under same faternity.

3. Aura Reading through Clair Senses .New emerging field is clairvoyant, Clairaudient, clair sentient, clair cognisent. These are fields in which reader opens up his inner sense of seeing, hearing, sensing, understanding and gets attuned to his clients person’s energy field and give out the reading by any of his above mentioned clair gifts .

In this section I would like to add up A .Crystal Ball Gazing. B.Dowsing.

4. Channeling, Medium ship;-.Angel Reading/ Akaskik Record Reading/ Past Life Reading/ Inbetween Life Reading. Theses are few more emerging field theses days. Which are based on the principle that each human auara has energy of Angels, ( devas) fairies, elememtals,Guides with him , they are part of his energy field. When one concentrate himself by quitening his mind ,his energy beings gets connected to specific energy beings in the universal departments (dimension ) .So any thing can be revealed by them to be made visible/ audible by reader.

5. Regression basically based on hypnosis and Regression therapy but in alternative therapy it has gone much beyond that to connect person’s subconscious mind to all the above mentioned Beings and to the cocerned universal departments and the client will elicidate information from there directly seeing, feeling ,sensing .

6.Card Reading ; Tarot, Angels, Fairy card Reading . This is ancient techniques modernised now a days as the need for higher guidance is rising . Though there are professional courses available in these fiels but one can learn it as a hobby and take guidance on matter of day to day things..


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