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Why Can't we sit for Meditation?

Posted by nirmal on April 24, 2013 at 5:45 AM

Meditation is seventh stage in YOGA


In the present time people are becominare about term meditation. There may be so many definitions ,purpose of meditation . One common complaint I have heard from people is, that they cant sit in meditation .

For the convenience of understanding if we compare mediation with food . In my opinion meditation is like eating your prepared food . There are many stages before one can prepare and eat food. Like growing food/ earning money to buy it from market, knowing recipe and procuring ingredients, fuel, utensils, cleaning, cutting and then preparing it . It’s only then we can sit to eat and taste it. Same way in meditation.

In Yoga, meditation is the seventh step , before that we have to do so many other preparations with our body ,life style , food ,place, learning techniques and initiating the higher wisdom .Then only we can sit for nurturing these seeds of higher wisdom . I am not saying that we have to follow all the things at one time ,but we have to make a way for following minimum required ingredients. How can we sit when our body is pained, emotions are disturbed, mind is critical, heart is blocked with rigid ideas, have no understanding of the importance of process . In such case you need some teacher to teach you. But since life is a continuous journey through many life times, and knowledge and experiences about self doesn’t die , we start becoming aware of the above mentioned requirements . When the disciple is ready, the teacher will appear. It holds true, as we desire so we receive. Coincidences become God’s way of remaining anonymous. Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will open .

I started becoming aware of the term meditation and desiring to learn meditation before 1999. That time there were not such opportunities as are these days. But my call was answered that I heard an introductory lecture about Reiki. I decided to learn It, so that by the time I can keep myself busy before I learn meditation. Little did I know then that before sitting in meditation need to prepare my vessel. I had outdated beliefs regarding spirituality. I believed in renunciation is the only means to achieve salvation .What I have sown , I will have to cut (strong Karma philosophy).I had no idea of healing is the God’s Grace , mercy on us . that we do not have to give eye for an eye if I make amends and do something to stop this . I needed to upgrade my system with latest version (program) . This was literally shown to me in a vision where I saw a structure of a nerve cell. I dint understand its meaning that time but now I know that new nerves path ways has to be laid in my body






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