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Why Healing Is Criticized ?

Posted by nirmal on September 21, 2013 at 3:00 PM



August 20, 2011 at 11:56am

Healing is rejected by skeptics for fear of something invisible and unknown controlling their life .They are blocked or not yet evolved in the mental perception beyond material world. They are not able to perceive and comprehend energy world to be the fundamental basis of existential reality They may wonder what happens after death and why some thing turn up unceremoniously out of the blue .Their rejection is understandable giving them the dues that like innocent babies they can not understand the abstract phenomena to be the cause behind material manifested world.

Why spirituals criticize healing? These are the people who very well understand the cause of suffering is a consequence of karma. Either they think karma is a punishment or a learning tool ,they know both way it is for the individual to go through this suffering so that he becomes rich with experience and shine forth like a gold after being refined in the fire. Thus healing is criticized as unnecessary meddling in his learning a lesson from the suffering. They are right to some extent .Suffering enriches one with learning a lesson and awaken one to higher realities and true purpose of life. It means every body should be given time to go through the lesson and experience the emotion associated with it. That is why when we heal some one ,we do not expect miracle. Healer invokes and sends intension to the Higher self and the guides to take over the process of healing. Result lies in the hands of censor board of associated Higher Beings and how much access the person allows these Beings .Meaning there by how much energy he is letting filter in to his conscious awareness. How much strong barrier are built around his conscious mind?

So in a way healing is not meddling in his karma as far as his learning is concerned . Healer is only providing him the support to accelerate the process of learning and helping him become aware of the cause and learn from it to evolve further. If conscious barriers are very strong ,he may not allow the subconscious help in the form of awareness about positive healing energy to manifest in to his conscious mind .He may not evolve consciously but he has been healed. His energy bodies ,which carry the blue print of physical body are already healed. Once he relinquishes physical garb, he will be able to feel and perceive the importance of healing. He would evolve after passing over ,once his conscious mind is absolved with that of subconscious after his death. So nothing has gone waste. If a child prepares for exam ,but the topic wasn’t understood properly at that time, so he may not secure good marks but his preparation has not gone waste. His learning of the subject will help him in another class, his foundation of the subject is strengthened. It is also very important for the healer to understand that this is the basic difference between healing and treatment. Healing is curing the disease from the root ,where as treatment Is about easing his physical body .We know that there is hardly a medicine which doesn’t yield side effect yet these help us in keeping physical discomfort at bay to some extent . When that limit is also exhausted then only one will seek for some other alternative. So any body coming for healing is not coming on his own but has been sent to the healer from The Higher source. His soul has been guiding him to reach up to us .. Healer has to understand and help his client find his way Back his Home !

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